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finding the country's safest car

I am thirty years old and have never owned a car of my own or even had a driver's license. When I was young, I was in a bad accident that has left me terrified of driving. I have worked with a therapist to try to get past my fears and finally have reached the point where I have gotten my license and wanted to get a car. The key to me feeling comfortable while driving was investing in the safest possible car, and that is the focus of my blog. The months that I have spent researching the country's safest car has provided me with tons of material that I will share on the blog.


finding the country's safest car

What You Need To Know About The Dodge Durango And Journey

Phillip Wade

The Dodge Durango and the Dodge Journey are two of the most popular sport utility vehicles on the market. Many customers have difficulty choosing between the full-size Durango and the crossover Journey. This article will explain the main selling points for both vehicles so you can decide which is best for your family.

The Durango

The Durango has been around much longer than the Journey. The Journey was first released in 2009, while the Durango has been out since 1998. The 2015 Durango can comfortably fit seven passengers. Since it is a full size SUV, it does not have the best fuel efficiency. The 3.6L engine maxes out at 25 mpg on the highway. This is one sacrifice that you have to make when you buy such a large and powerful automobile.

The cheapest Durango models cost over $30,000. A fully equipped model with four-wheel-drive, leather seats, GPS, XM Radio, etc., will cost closer to $50,000. If you plan on towing trailers carrying campers and boats, be sure to get the four-wheel-drive version with the Hemi V8. Remember, as you upgrade to a larger engine, you sacrifice even more fuel efficiency.

Dodge Journey

You might think that you want the size and convenience of a full size SUV, but will you really fully utilize a Durango? For many car owners the answer is no, but they still need a car with plenty of size and power. With more and more people buying eco-friendly cars, it is easy to see why Dodge came out with the Journey.

It is a perfect cross between a full size SUV and a minivan. Like the Durango, it can fit 7 passengers comfortably. The Journey has more family-friendly features and slightly lower price tag. For instance, the rear doors open a full 90° to make it easier to unload and install a car seat. It is also equipped with interior child view mirrors and a DVD system to keep the younger ones entertained on long rides. The journey looks much sportier than a minivan and it has plenty of power to appeal to the car owners who want a SUV.

Both the Dodge Durango and Journey are great for large families. They can both serve as perfect every day commuters, or weekend adventure mobiles. The best way to determine which is right is to bring your family out to the auto dealer and take a test drive. See which one feels most comfortable and suits your driving needs.