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finding the country's safest car

I am thirty years old and have never owned a car of my own or even had a driver's license. When I was young, I was in a bad accident that has left me terrified of driving. I have worked with a therapist to try to get past my fears and finally have reached the point where I have gotten my license and wanted to get a car. The key to me feeling comfortable while driving was investing in the safest possible car, and that is the focus of my blog. The months that I have spent researching the country's safest car has provided me with tons of material that I will share on the blog.


finding the country's safest car

Guide To Buying Your First Motorcycle

Phillip Wade

There are many different types of motorcycles on the market today, each with its own set of features. Here are some tips for choosing the right bike. 

Motorcycle Size

As a beginner, it may be good to go with a smaller bike. These might have a little less horsepower, but you'll have an easier time with getting the hang of the machine. They will be generally less heavy and easier to maneuver. If you are already a somewhat confident motorcycle rider, then a larger bike will be a great vehicle for you to grow into as your skills improve. 

Terrain Type

Some bikes are built for on-road travel, while others are designed primarily for dirt roads and off-roading. If you greatly favor one of these two, then be sure to look for bikes in that type of design; otherwise, you might want to go with a dual or hybrid model. 

Maintenance Stats

If you are going to be riding your bike fairly often, then it's important to check the maintenance statistics. Ask your technician how often you should expect to need maintenance and repairs on the vehicle. The maintenance schedules for different motorcycles vary based on the power and the quality of the craftsmanship. 

Engine Displacement

The displacement of an engine can vary greatly, from 125 to over 2,000 CC. The type of stats you want will depend on how you prefer to ride your motorcycle. The larger the CC power, the faster you can go. However, you will also be spending more money on fuel, since the higher CC engines will combust for fuel at once. 

Choosing the Right Brand

There are more and more brands on the market, so choosing the right one can be intimidating for new buyers. Buying from one of the lesser-known foreign brands can be a safety concern, as the parts might not be as durable and the quality of the vehicle will be variable at times. 

When you can afford to set aside the money, it's best to choose one of the more respected brands like a Harley Davidson. By investing in a nice bike as your first motorcycle, you get a few different benefits. Your safety comes first when picking a bike, and bikes at places like  Edge Harley-Davidson motorcycles are some of the strongest and safest motorcycles on the market. You will also get a well-made vehicle which could save you time and money for maintenance. By picking a bike that is tried and true, you can help to ensure that you have a great experience with your first motorcycle.